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09:54 AM Nomad Feature #1469 (New): D20: ALL "condition families" in Parameter survey !!!
Why not having also other "families" known from the "conditions" in the "Parameter survey"? I.e. "aquiring data" with...
09:50 AM Nomad Bug #1468 (New): D20: roirate and roisum do not work in conditions
By whatever way I define a ROI in the graphics (button ROI and/or context menu ROI set), any condition like "


09:33 AM Nomad Feature #1459 (New): D20: Get rid of the "Pause" button for D20!
As this button does something undefined (or nothing) it should better be hidden, or permanently grayed out (with no a...
09:30 AM Nomad Feature #1458 (New): D20: "Infinity" or "eternity" instead of "999" or "9999" etc.!
One should better explicitly distinguish, whether one wants to do a very high number of repetitions or loop iteration...
09:26 AM Nomad Bug #1457 (New): D20: Time estimation in NoMad Spy wrong for RocCount (at least ...)
On top of that, the time estimation should be a little bit clearer:
1. For repetitive commands, one should best see...
09:18 AM Nomad Bug #1456 (New): D20: Fast mode not working when activated directly after ramp mode -- SOLVED???
When fast mode is activated, when previously a ramp was active, it will continue to execute a ramp -- THIS MIGHT HAVE...


02:57 PM Nomad Feature #1448 (New): D20: Refresh of Parameter survey plots
Already mentioned a few times: sometimes the refresh of the parameter survey does not work, which is more than a comf...
02:55 PM Nomad Feature #1447 (New): D20: ramps on setpopint (good), regulation and sample (bad!)
We should hide the temperature on "regulation" and "sample", the naming misleads users regularly and leads to hours o...
02:53 PM Nomad Feature #1446 (New): D20: coldvalve management module as an example for a comeback of GEORGE's "d...
I made a script which goes well into a for loop in the launchpad but which would run far better in backgroyund as a w...
02:51 PM Nomad Feature #1445 (New): D20: Conditions (If in launchpad AND watchdog/alert)
The conditions need to have more "power": one needs to be able to access parameters directly, and in the watchdog thi...

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