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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
SXtalSoft06/12/2012Cermak, PetrDesignFeature #1538: A bitmap for background image done2.00
vTAS12/03/2010Raoul, YannickDesignFeature #531: Red circles for A2 and A63.00
vTAS12/03/2010Raoul, YannickDesignBug #593: Change of color of ki1.00
vTAS12/03/2010Raoul, YannickDesignBug #532: Flatcone and angular limits3.00
vTAS27/11/2013Raoul, YannickDevelopmentFeature #850: initial state [Jiri]8.00
SXtalSoft20/05/2013Cermak, PetrDevelopmentFeature #1544: Colours for unindexed peaksColors can be changed in preferences5.00
SXtalSoft06/12/2012Cermak, PetrDevelopmentFeature #1544: Colours for unindexed peaksStarted to rewrite openGL algorithm to be faster in resizing image3.00
Nomad14/11/2011Cecillon, FranckDevelopmentAction #1004: Installation NOMAD on D1780.00
vTAS21/02/2011Raoul, YannickDevelopmentBug #793: Wrong d-spacing for Si 1110.10
vTAS21/02/2011Raoul, YannickDevelopmentFeature #560: Instrument URLs <- please use the short ones for predefined instruments0.50
vTAS21/02/2011Raoul, YannickDevelopmentBug #532: Flatcone and angular limits4.00
vTAS21/02/2011Raoul, YannickDevelopmentFeature #531: Red circles for A2 and A65.00
vTAS21/02/2011Raoul, YannickDevelopmentFeature #530: Better instrument drawing20.00
vTAS18/01/2011Raoul, YannickDevelopmentFeature #560: Instrument URLs <- please use the short ones for predefined instruments0.30
vTAS16/03/2010Raoul, YannickDevelopmentFeature #530: Better instrument drawingfirst step ; a table around analyser and a simple detector5.00
vTAS16/03/2010Raoul, YannickDevelopmentBug #539: wrong data display for data file that contains Flatcone AND POLAN:The first serie of data "flatcone + polan" is displayed. Nothing is done to display the other series.5.00
vTAS12/03/2010Raoul, YannickDevelopmentFeature #531: Red circles for A2 and A6à finir pour l'angle a2 (limite haute), et validation par Martin3.00
vTAS12/03/2010Raoul, YannickDevelopmentBug #532: Flatcone and angular limits2.00
vTAS10/03/2010Raoul, YannickDevelopmentBug #555: zoom <-- does not correctly scale some parts of the Preview panel3.00
vTAS16/02/2010Raoul, YannickDevelopmentFeature #553: Dialogue "Walls" <- should quote the instrument name0.20
vTAS16/02/2010Raoul, YannickDevelopmentFeature #559: Instrument parameters <-- spellingtakes longer0.10
vTAS16/02/2010Raoul, YannickDevelopmentBug #552: Dialogue "Walls" <- first line cannot be edited0.20
vTAS16/02/2010Raoul, YannickAnalysisFeature #560: Instrument URLs <- please use the short ones for predefined instrumentsfor the moment [2010-02-08], short links are broken.0.10
Nomad02/11/2011Hansen, ThomasTest/DebuggingFeature #1104: Parameter survey viewer not refreshingThis "feature" has been replaced by a "bug" #1105 - sorry but one cannot erase one's own erraneously created issues!0.00
vTAS21/02/2011Raoul, YannickTest/DebuggingBug #879: Sometimes, we need to click twice on OK button in "Instrument Parameters" dialog to close it.8.00
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