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martinez, nicolas, 17/07/2014 04:20 PM

Short user's manual

Installation procedure:

No installer is yet available. The program is written in Python, and depends on the numpy, scipy, matplotlib, pyQT and lmfit modules.


  1. Download and install a package containing python and it's scientific modules, such as pythonxy. You can find this here: I strongly recomend using a 2.7 version of Python
  2. Download and install lmfit. You can find it here: You should be carefull to download the version corresponding to your Python version (which should be Python 2.7!)
  3. Download and unzip the provided mQfit file.
  4. Double-click on the script, which sould start the GUI.

Unix systems:

  1. Python is usually provided with Unix distributions (at least it is in ubuntu), but you probably have to download and install the numpy, scipy, matplotlib and pyQT modules.
  2. Download lmfit here:
  3. Download and unzip the provided mQfit file.
  4. In a shell window, go to the unziped directory and launch the program through the command: python The GUI should then appear.