PySAXSLib is an open source project for the analysis of large Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) data sets.
The basis for this development lies in the difficulties in analyzing in detail using extensive modeling > 10^5 2D SAXS images typically collected at synchrotron sources in scanning mode. PySAXSLib therefore contains a number of routines to calculate a restricted set of generic parameters (i.e. model independent) such as: correlation lengths, invariant, orientation parameters... These parameters can be used as a guide for more refined structural analysis, e.g. by identification of specific regions of interest.
Currently, these operations are performed on 1D data (radial or azimuthal profiles). Additionally, basic support is provided to fit these data with a combination of internal or user defined models. Future versions will provide additional tools for 2D image analysis.

  • Licence: GPL

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Manager: Gourrier, Aurelien

Developer: kieffer, jerome