When the server is running, you can access it by using the console application cmo.

  • list: Lists the available applications.
  • apps <name>: Shows all the started applications.
  • start [name] <args>: Starts the application with name.
  • exec [name] <args>: Starts the application with name and blocks until its termination. Output streams are displayed.
  • test [name] <args>: Same than exec.
  • stop [name] [id]: Stops the application with name, kills the application if is not stopped after a timeout.
  • kill [name] [id]: Kills the application with name.
  • connect [name]: Connects the application with name.
  • listen [name]: Listens to the application with name.
  • id [name]: Prints the ids of the application with name.


> cmo apps
> cmo start ns
> cmo connect ns
> cmo stop ns

Run the server

Using systemd, start the service:

> systemctl --user start cameo

Stop the service:

> systemctl --user stop cameo

Configure the server

The systemd configuration is in $HOME/.config/systemd/user/cameo.service and $HOME/.config/systemd/user/cameo.service.d/local.conf
The specific Nomad configuration files are in the directory $HOME/.cameo.

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