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Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:44 PM

Third mxCuBE meeting

We were happy to see all of you at the workshop, the work continues according to the roadmap that was established during the meeting.
A mailing list has been set-up to improve the communication within the collaboration. We are planing to move the GIT repositories
to GITHub and are happy to discuss the details of the migration. We are looking into other software/technologies for video
conferencing and we are happy to receive your suggestions and ideas. New features like the Queue and ShapeHistory will be documented in an
"article" form. Each article will contain the design for a specific component and can serve as a basis for discussion. The idea is to
keep them as up to date as we can and they will later be assembled to a full design document when we reach a more final product. You
can find the presentations attached below.

marcus-oskarsson-mxcube-2.0.pdf - Marcus Oskarsson - mxCuBE 2.0 (798 KB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:14 PM

pierre-legrand-mxCuBE-at-SOLEIL-meeting.pdf - Pierre Legrand - mxCuBE at SOLEIL (529 KB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:14 PM

peter-keller-abstract-beamline-interface-for-advanced-protocols.pdf - Peter Keller - Abstract beamline interface for advanced protocols (140 KB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:14 PM

olof-svensson-mxCuBE-control-of-DAWN-workflows.pdf - Olof Svensson - mxCuBE control of DAWN workflows (852 KB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:14 PM

andy-goetz-mxcube-future.pdf - Andy Goetz - mxCubE Future (885 KB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:14 PM

antonia-beteva-from-SPEC-to-abstract.pdf - Antonia Beteva - From SPEC to abstract (206 KB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:14 PM

etienne- francois-automatic-centring.pptx - Etienne Francois - Automatic loop centring with LuCID (771 KB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:14 PM

guifré-cuní-XALOC-control-system-at-ALBA.pdf - Guifre Cuni - XALOC control system at ALBA (1.93 MB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:14 PM

group-picture.jpg View (355 KB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:43 PM

bixente-rey-mxcube-freelance.ppt - Bixente Rey - A frelancers perspective (4.85 MB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:46 PM

matias-guijarro-mxcube-status.html View - Matias Guijarro- mxCuBE status (1.68 MB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:52 PM

matias-guijarro-mxcube-web.html View - Matias Guijarro - mxCuBE web (528 KB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:53 PM

mxcube_3rd_bullet.txt View - Workshop agenda (1.4 KB) Oscarsson, Marcus, 02/05/2013 08:50 AM