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Oscarsson, Marcus, 30/04/2013 05:40 PM

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h1. Third mxCuBE meeting
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We were happy to see all of you at the workshop, the work continues according to the roadmap that was established during the meeting.
6 2 Oscarsson, Marcus
A mailing list has been set-up to improve the communication within the collaboration. We are planing to move the GIT repositories 
7 2 Oscarsson, Marcus
to GITHub and are happy to discuss the details of the migration. We are looking into other software/technologies for video 
8 2 Oscarsson, Marcus
conferencing and we are happy to receive your suggestions and ideas. New features like the Queue and ShapeHistory will be documented in an
9 2 Oscarsson, Marcus
"article" form. Each article will contain the design for a specific component and can serve as a basis for discussion. The idea is to
10 2 Oscarsson, Marcus
keep them as up to date as we can and they will later be assembled to a full design document when we reach a more final product.