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Delageniere, Solange, 08/09/2016 11:14 AM

How to install ISPyB

We are working on a way to improve the ISPyB installation for beginners, but in the meantime, you will find information and source code on our development forge :

To install ISPyB, checkout the code from the repository (, using the latest tag:

and follow the documentation present in:

There are some parts missing (marked as "TODOs" in the doc) but you should manage to have a version running.

In a general way, we recommend that you try :
1) To install JBOSS wildfly to check that it runs.
2) Install MySQL DB and run the scripts to create the schema
3) Download the code and build the project with maven (mvn clean install)
4) Configure wildfly connections to the database and LDAP (do you use LDAP?)
5) Deploy the built version of ISPyB
6) Check that it "works"
7) Configure internal parameters (file path to disk, etc...)
8) At that point we can tell you how to fill the DB with a fake proposal to make a test