Control Objects

What are control objects?

Control objects are an abstraction over the different control systems used at ESRF (tango, taco, spec, sardana).

Writing a Control Object

  • Control objects must inherit from the class Framework4.Control.Core.COBject.CObjectBase
  • The signals class variable is an array of Signal objects the control object can emit
  • The slots class variable is an array of Slot objects the control object has

Signal and Slot classes are found in Framework4.Control.Core.CObject

These signals and slots are used by the framework to determine whether a connection with a given brick is possible. They must be compatible with which signals and slots the brick expects.

Control objects also need a template which describes which parameters the control objects accepts. The template is used by Beacon, so the user can create the XML config file for the control object graphically.

You may want to learn more about the configuration template format.