An overview of the Bliss Framework 4 (FWK4)

The Bliss Framework is used to build GUI applications to operate on beamlines equipment.

It provides a mean of abstracting the beamline hardware, and a mean of building GUIs that use these abstractions.

On April 06th 2009, the FWK4 has been introduced to the BLISS group.

The slides used for this presentation are available as Framework4.ppt (Powerpoint format).

The presentation includes demos of Beacon and the GUI Builder, which are available separately: Beacon_demo.avi and GUIBuilder_demo.avi.

Where to get it?

Getting a snapshot

Download it: fw4.tar.gz

Getting it from the development repository

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How to use it

The Framework uses a client-server model. Usage of the 2 parts are documented separately.

See using the GUI builder and using the control server.

There is also a new Framework tutorial which starts from a basic need and shows you how to write a brick and control object to address this need.

There is also a training Training on the Framework


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Framework4.ppt - Framework4 Presentation by Thomas Boeglin April 2009 (688 KB) Ohlsson, Staffan, 18/01/2012 06:48 PM

Beacon_demo.avi - Beacon demonstration movie (950 KB) Ohlsson, Staffan, 18/01/2012 06:48 PM

GUIBuilder_demo.avi - GUI Builder demo (1.56 MB) Ohlsson, Staffan, 18/01/2012 07:09 PM