EPNshaper is a packet scheduling solution. It can be used to provide
Differential services to a network in a bandwidth sharing (burst and rate
guarantees), rate limiting and traffic prioritisation. It can also be used
for protocol visibility and bandwidth trends in the form of long term
statistical graphs.

- Based on SLES 11 service pack 2 (create with Suse Studio and available
as a live/install CD)

- Application (fron-end):
Written in C, PHP/Javascript and bash shell.
All Rules are stored in MySQL database

- Packet scheduler and classifiers :
Kernel space iproute2 +
Hierarchical token bucket (inheritance of QOS rules).
Stochastic Fair queue: (prevents DOS and DDOS)
fs_codel with: provides flow latency statistics

- High Availability
Hardware nic bypass (500msec second polling)
Mirror mode (active/active)
Active/Passive (Spanning-tree: coming in the next release)

Can shape upto 5Gbps (10Gbps aggregate)
Create up to 1024 traffic classes

Traffic classification (filter types):
Protocol (TCP/UDP/SCTP, GRE, IPinIP ...etc)
Ports (UDP/TCP)
128 Deep Packet inspection (Per flow and not per packet classification)
URL classification (example Facebook, twitter, dropbox, youutube, etc)

-Coming soon :

Condiftional rules (IF, AND, OR) on traffic conditions
Active/Passive HA
policy classification templates
Policy groups

  • Licence: GPL

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Manager: Hall, Jamie