EAD Web Interface Testing URL

Testing URL :

The EAD Component may be tested as a User Office role in a development environment.
In this development environment the EAD can be used without any functional restriction through the following URL.
You can perform all the tests that you can imagine, anyhow this dev environment can be reinitialized anytime.

To test it you need to use the same login/password that you already use within the ICAT European project.
If you don't have such password or you forgot it, please request it by sending an e-mail
to the team that deals with this project at ESRF (for example "Julien.S").

EAD Service Verification

A JAR file has been developed in order to easily test the EAD WebService API.

This JAR file allows to play a comprehensive scenario that focuses on a sequence of call over all the main methods of the EAD WebService API.

Note that the JAR is configured to automatically point out to a dedicated url of an EAD server test instance.

Download this autoexec JAR hereafter :

test client

HOWTO use it :

Precondition : JAVA 7 or newer

Launch java -jar clientTestSuiteAffiliationOnline.jar in a batch window