The application Diffraction is an interactive demonstration of the basis of single crystal and powder diffraction. It was ported to Java in July 2011 under the name jDiffraction. A more advanced version was developed in openGL under the name vDiffraction (2015). By the end of 2017, a webGL version of vDiffraction was in the pipe.
This archive is for the original Mac OS classic (1992) ported to Mac OS X (2006), then substantially modernised and updated (2007). Last tested on macOS 13 (Sierra).
Version 3.3.5 (2007): last version for distribution, signed with the ILL's certificate (oct 2017)
Version 3.3.6 (2014): not for distribution, a test version for prototyping vDiffraction
The folder "Difraction_DMG" contains the script used to produce the DMG archive for distribution

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Manager: Filhol, Alain