Moving to GitLab

Added by Rodriguez-Carvajal, Juan over 3 years ago

The SVN repository of CrysFML is being moved to the ILL GitLab repository
The present old SVN repository will be maintained during an undetermined period, however there's no guaranty that the files are updated to conform with the new GitLab repository. People wishing to work as developer in the new repository must create an account into the system by clicking in the "Sign up" button on the top-right part of the web page and send an e-mail to to obtain the permission for working.

New files in CrysFML/Src/CFML (default for Intel compiler)

Added by Rodriguez-Carvajal, Juan over 13 years ago

We have added three new files containing the same module CFML_GlobalDeps but adapted to the three platforms currently supported.

The names are:


By default the still existing CFML_GlobalDeps.f90 (without platform specification in the name of the file) corresponds to Windows.
The scripts for Linux and MacOS have been changed accordingly. For Windows the default file CFML_GlobalDeps.f90 is used.
In all cases the function "Directory_Exist" is written for the Intel Fortran compiler. For other compilers the user should edit the file and comment (uncomment) the appropriate "inquire" statement.

How to download the whole CrysFML repository

Added by Rodriguez-Carvajal, Juan over 13 years ago

The CrysFML repository is handled via SVN (SubVersioN is a system for handling software projects).
It is not necessary to know the whole set of SVN commands for working with the system. The best solution is to use a GUI for SVN, the simplest GUIs I know are "Tortoise" for Windows ( and "kdesvn" for Linux (use your software manager to install it). "Tortoise" and "kdesvn" are integrated in the explorer of the system and their functioning is quite close.

Using Tortoise/kdesvn you have to do the following:
1: Install Tortoise/kdesvn in your PC (the PC should be restarted in Windows)
2: Create in your PC an empty directory (e.g. c:\CrysFML, ~/CrysFML)
3: Click with the right button of your mouse on the icon of the just created directory. A contextual menu appears (If you are using "kdesvn" in Linux, when clicking with the right button on the icon of the directory, go to Actions > Subversion … etc).
4: Select "Checkout"
5: Introduce as URL of the repository:
6: Click on OK
That's all! You have just created a copy of the CrysFML repository in your PC.
From now, you just have to use "update" for getting the latest version, or "commit"
for sending modifications.


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