• 3drsr

    3DRSR is a High-throughput low-resolution 2D/3D data reconstruction package. Called 3DRSR for 3D Reciprocal Space Reconstruction, the software is Capable of computing 3D low resolution reconstruction of reciprocal space, but also 2D high-resolution slices of the volume (images) and a lot more ......

  • AB2TDS


  • bpm-server

    ESRF standard Beam Position Monitor software suite ;
    includes a Python Tango server + embedded web server for online viewing,
    and a set of spec macros

  • CrysFML

    Crystallographic Fortran 95 Modules Library

  • Debian Packaging

    Project holding debian packages git repositories.
    Can be used for ESRF debian6 backports, PXsoft, ...

    General procedure:
    To build the package:

    git clone :python-fabio
    or for anonymous checkout
    git clone git://

    • aravis

      Aravis - A vision library for genicam based cameras

      Aravis is a glib/gobject based library for video acquisition using Genicam cameras. It currently only implements an ethernet camera protocol used for industrial cameras.

      Aravis is released under the LGPL v2+....

    • sc-unix

      Debian packages managed by TID

    • Debian FabIO

      To build the package:

      git clone :python-fabio
      cd python-fabio
      git checkout pristine-tar
      git checkout upstream
      git checkout master
      git-buildpackage --git-pristine-tar

      for importing a new upstream:
      git-import-orig ../python-fabio_0.1.1.orig.tar.gz...

    • Debian nvidia

      Collaborative effort to share packaging effort around Nvidia's drivers.

      To build the package:

      git clone git://
      cd nvidia-graphics-drivers
      git-buildpackage --git-pristine-tar -r

    • Debian OmniNotify

      Porting from ubuntu package to Debian6 of OmniNotify, the notification daemon used for events in tango.

    • Debian PyFAI

      Debian packaging repository for pyFAI, a fast azimuthal integration tool.

      General procedure:
      To build the package:

      git clone :pyfai
      cd pyfai
      git checkout pristine-tar
      git checkout upstream
      git checkout master
      git-buildpackage --git-pristine-tar...

    • Debian PyMca

      Debian packaging for PyMca: mainly local backports to ESRF-debian6

    • Debian rfoo

      rfoo is a python module for debugging live a program
      This is pat of the debian6 backporting effort at ESRF

    • Debian Saxsview

      Debian packaging of saxsview, a tool for visualizing small angle scattering data.

      To build the package:

      git clone git://
      cd saxsview
      git-buildpackage -r

    • Debian Tango

      Basically backports from Frederic Picca's work for Debian6 used at ESRF

    • Debian tango NonFree

      Non free parts of Tango like Jive cannot be distributed by Debian ...
      As there is a PPA from Ubuntu we reuse it for building debian packages

    • debian-hdf5

      Backports to Debian 6 of HDF5 libraries

    • h5py

      Debian packaging for h5py: a python binding for HDF5

    • mpi4py

      MPI interface for python

    • python-fftw

      Debian packaging for python FFTw3 bindings

  • Diffraction4Mac

    The application Diffraction is an interactive demonstration of the basis of single crystal and powder diffraction. It was ported to Java in July 2011 under the name jDiffraction. A more advanced version was developed in openGL under the name vDiffraction (2015). By the end of 2017, a webGL version of vDiffraction was in the pipe....

  • DifMag

    C++/python project to compute classical Monte-Carlo magnetic simulations
    and calculate neutron scattering cross sections

  • EAD

    European Affiliation Database

  • Eclipse-RCP-Examples

    Examples of Eclipse RCP applications developed by members of the Software Group (ESRF) to practice their RCP skills.

  • EDNA

    EDNA is an international collaboration aiming for creating robust on-line data analysis workflows. The home page for the EDNA project is The EPN forge is used only for hosting the EDNA SVN repository.

  • Electron Beam Dynamics

    Entry point for various electron beam dynamics software.

  • EPN-Shaper

    EPNshaper is a packet scheduling solution. It can be used to provide
    Differential services to a network in a bandwidth sharing (burst and rate
    guarantees), rate limiting and traffic prioritisation. It can also be used
    for protocol visibility and bandwidth trends in the form of long term...

  • ESRF-BLControlProjects

    Root Project for all the ESRF Beamline control projects (ESRF/ISDD/SoftwareGroup/BeamlineControlUnit

    • BlissFramework

      The Bliss Framework (aka 'Framework 2') project is a Python/PyQt 3.x package and a set of tools to create beamline graphical interfaces
      at ESRF ; it is developped since 2003. Version 2 is used on beamlines since 2005 in various graphical
      applications (mxCuBE for MX beamlines, ID21, ID13, ID17, ...)....

    • CBFLib

      CBFLIB is a library of ANSI-C functions providing a simple mechanism for accessing Crystallographic Binary (CBF) and Image-supporting CIF (imgCIF) files. Work supported in part by IUCr, NSF, DOE and NIH grants

    • Framework4

      The Framework project used to build graphical applications for users to do
      experiments on beamlines more easily.
      It provides a beamline equipments and devices abstraction layer and some
      tools to build graphical applications in just a few mouse clicks.

    • HardwareRepository

      The Hardware Repository is a Python package to abstract access to hardware and devices in general
      using various control systems (Taco, Tango, SPEC, ...). It is mainly used with the Bliss Framework.

    • HardwareRepositoryServer

      The Hardware Repository server is providing XML files describing Hardware Objects to applications
      using the Hardware Repository.

    • Khoros

      Khoros is a data acquisition platform, entirely written in Python and C,
      with native Python scripting capabilities. Its philosophy is based on
      minimalism, simplicity , efficiency and user-friendliness. It is more
      similar to spec than other existing DAQ systems like Sardana or GDA....

    • Lima

      LIMA (Library for IMage Acquisition) is a project for the unified control of 2D detectors. The aim is to clearly separate hardware specific code from common software configuration and features, like file saving and software image processing.

      The documentation is available at the following address:...

    • Processlib

      Library to do some heavy processing in multithread (like Bpm,Binning,ROI,Background substration...).

    • Qub

      high-level widget toolkit specialized in data visualization

    • SpecClient

      SpecClient is a 100% pure Python package to communicate with spec ( using the spec client/server mode.

      The package contains various modules to be able to create Python objects representing entities in spec like motors, counters, macros, global variables and scans....

    • Sps

      Spec shared library

  • Fast Azimuthal Integration

    The fast azimuthal integration project is a repository for processing 2D powder diffraction images in either a 1D powder patterns or a 2D-Cake (2D image in 2Theta/Chi coordinate instead of X,Y)

  • FreeART Tomographic Library

    Tomographic library with physical corrections, based on a SART algorithm.
    It exposes both C++ and python interfaces.

  • gfresnel2d

    GPU Fresnel wave optics propagator

  • ILL CS software

    The ILL Computing for Science software common repository (Matlab, Fortran, C, IDL, ...).

  • BCR

    Web application to be installed on Bar Code Reader to track the dewars on site for crystallography experiments

  • ISPyB3

    Release 3 of ISPyB project.

    This project contains only the open source repository and also the necessary other softwares (found in "Files") to be able to install ISPyB.
    The developer/installation documentation can be found in the repository in :
    ISPyB_project/Documentation/Users Guides/ISPyB_DevelopersGuide.doc...

  • ISPyB4


    ISPyB website and repository have changed, please go to :


  • ixsfitter

    IXS Fitter is the fastest solution to fit rapidly a lot of IXS spectra.
    IXS Fitter is a Semi-automatized IXS data treatment package made of two python modules :

    • A data extractor called spec2hdf5 which extracts and computes energy transfer and normalized intensity of a given subset of scans and detectors from spec file. ...
  • LAMP

    Large Array Manipulation Program is designed for the treatment of data obtained from neutron scattering experiments at the Institut Laue-Langevin. However, LAMP is a more general purpose application which can be seen as a GUI-laboratory for data analysis based on the first "Interactive Data Language" dedicated to Scientists....

  • MagnetiX

    MagnetiX- A program to calculate off-resonance and resonant magnetic X-ray cross sections

  • mQfit

    mQfit is program that allows the simultaneous fitting of QuasiElastic Neutron Scattering data taken on several instruments with a comprehensive model. The program has a GUI that allows user to load data, view and save results easily. As it is still in development, there is no installer yet (only the source code is available), so users should refer to the wiki if they want to use it. ...


    nMOLDYN is an interactive analysis program for Molecular Dynamics simulations. It is especially designed for the computation and decomposition of neutron scattering spectra, but also computes other quantities.

    • NomadTools

      Project gathering the Nomad public tools.

      • NomadMonitor

        RCP application to monitor Nomad Server including debug and configuration.

      • NomadSourceHeader

        Small application to modify and update license header of source files.

  • PkFit 64bits

    Resurrection of the old PkFit software (32 bits) for TAS data analysis dating back to 2006. We rejuvenate the version by Olilog (Jacques Divol) which already made use of the Winteracter (32 bits). Olilog performed an a minima port of the original Fortran 77 code was ported to Fortran 90. Our ambition is to perform a full switch to Fortran 90....

  • PPM

    Pythonic Programming for Multilayers.

    Fits multilayer structure, scattering factors, magnetization and its distribution at the interfaces.

  • pyhst


  • pyhst2


  • Python SAXS Library

    PySAXSLib is an open source project for the analysis of large Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) data sets.
    The basis for this development lies in the difficulties in analyzing in detail using extensive modeling > 10^5 2D SAXS images typically collected at synchrotron sources in scanning mode. PySAXSLib therefore contains a number of routines to calculate a restricted set of generic parameters (i.e. model independent) such as: correlation lengths, invariant, orientation parameters... These parameters can be used as a guide for more refined structural analysis, e.g. by identification of specific regions of interest....

  • PyXpcs

    Python program to analyze XPCS data. XPCS is a technique that studies the slow dynamics of various equilibrium and non-equilibrium processes occurring in condensed matter systems; it is based on the generation of a speckle pattern by the scattered coherent light originating from a material where some spatial inhomogeneities are present....

  • pyXSW

    Python program for simulating, fitting and plotting of X-ray standing waves (XSW) experiments using dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction

  • CQHT

    CQHT : Module NIM gérant la charge/décharge rapide de la HT d'un détecteur sur demande extérieure.

  • MCC v2

    Le MCC V2 est une évolution du MCC. Il permet de recevoir des signaux numeriques sur 8 cartes 32 bits et de ressortir des données sur 1 carte "Adresse" 22 bits ou une carte "Data" 32 bits.
    Il existe en plusieurs versions suivant les 8 cartes d'entrée (RS422 ou LVDS, Adresse ou Data)...

  • Ratemeter

    NIM Ratemeter for 1 channel detectors or Monitors : provides HV supply, LV supply, Receive analog or TTL signals on coax or RJ45 cables.

  • shadow3

    shadow3 (x-ray tracing engine)

  • SofqSoft

    Software for treating S(q) neutron scattering data from disordered systems

  • SXtalSoft

    Repository containing crystallographic software of the Diffraction Group

  • tds2el

    From Thermal Diffused Scattering to Elastic Constants

  • tid-sc-unix

    Main Project for sc-unix team

  • vTAS

    A Virtual Three Axis Spectrometer
    Using a Three Axis Spectrometer (TAS) is not easy since one has constantly translate parameters from real space to reciprocal space and vice versa
    The goal of vTAS is to provide an interactive and graphical display of both the instrument configuration and the corresponding measured space thus making easier the understanding of the behavior of the instrument and its limits....

  • XOP Neutron Scattering

    The project contains the source code of the IGOR pro XOP (plugin) adding commands for neutron scattering data analysis.

  • xop2.3

    XOP version 2.3
    X-ray Oriented Programs

  • XRStools


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