nMOLDYN 3.0.8 release

Added by Pellegrini, Eric over 11 years ago

Bug fixes:
- bug when setting the universe hierarchy for objects of MMTK Atom class: only the first
atom name was retained preventing from selecting the other ones from the selection dialog.
- added events grabber for the parent dialog when closing the PyroServerDialog dialog.
- added events grabber for the parent dialog when closing the SelectionDialog dialog.
- Added an error message when the documentation in PDF format could not be opened.
- nMOLDYN/Core/ bug when setting the number of free procs on windows for a non
admin user.
- bug in the VASP converter when mapping the coordinates to the atomic contents
- bug in coordination number analysis when selecting a specific subset of atoms

- added a CASTEP to MMTK NetCDF trajectory converter.
- added the cartesian position autocorrelation function (by Konrad Hinsen))

- Changed the format for the file storing the datas exported from a plot: the 3 first lines
start now with a '#' and there is no blank line between those 3 lines and the data block.
- some small modifications in the README file about a known bug when using Pyro server
on a windows machine
- some code cleaning in nMOLDYN/Core/
- the trajectory converters dialog were redesigned by adding a generic class in top of
- some changes in the repository structure