How to download the nMOLDYN repository ?

Added by Pellegrini, Eric over 12 years ago

The nMOLDYN repository is handled via SVN (SubVersioN is a system for handling software projects).

Using your favorite SVN manager (tortoise, kdesvn ...), checkout the nMOLDYN repository at the
following URL adress:

That's all! You have just created a copy of the nMOLDYN repository in your PC.
From now, you just have to use "update" for getting the latest version, or "commit"
for sending modifications.

In order to run the svn version of nMOLDYN, you also have to download and install some unversionned
files and directories that are part of the standard nMOLDYN distribution but not useful to be versionned.

Do the following to install them in your svn version:

1 Download the svn_addons.tar.gz archive stored in the "Files" section

2 Put it in your freshly built trunk/nMOLDYN directory

2 go to your trunk/nMOLDYN directory

3 in there, enter the command: tar xzf svn_addons.tar.gz

This will install those directories in their proper location.