New version 0.9.4

A new version of PyFAI is in beta phase before release ...
Added by kieffer, jerome almost 9 years ago

Add detector S140 from ImXpad, Titan from Agilent, Rayonix
Fix issues: 61, 62, 68, 76, 81, 82, 85, 86, 87
Enhancement in LImA plugins (better structure)
IO module with Ascii/EDF/HDF5 writers
Here are the new features:
Switch some GUI to pyQtGraph in addition to Qt
Correction for solid-angle formula
Fix memory leak in Cython part of the look-up table generation
Benchmarks with memory profiling
Better control for peak-picking (Contribution from Gero Flucke, Desy)
Precise Rayonix detectors description thanks to Michael Blum
Start integrating blob-detection algorithm for peak-picking: #70
Switch fron OptParse to ArgPrse: #83
Provide some calibrant by default: #91
Description of Mar345 detector + mask#92
Auto-registration of detectors: #97
Recalib and check-calib can be called from calib: #99
Fake diffraction image from calibrant: #101
Implementation of the CSR matrix representation to replace LUT
Tight pixel splitting: #43