3 codes tutorial

report on the 3 codes tutorial organised at ESRF 3-5 June 2013
Added by Sanchez del Rio, Manuel over 9 years ago

We organised a two days hands-on tutorial on three well established codes for simulating synchrotron radiation sources and beamline optics: McXtrace [1], SHADOW [2] and SRW [3]. It was given by three instructors, Erik B. Knudsen (McXtrace), Manuel Sanchez del Rio (SHADOW) and Oleg Chubar (SWR), and was followed by 26 participants.

Tutorial annonce:

The material of the course (slides, software and related documents) can be found here:

[1] McXtrace
[2] M. Sanchez del Rio, N. Canestrari, F. Jiang and F. Cerrina. SHADOW3: a new version of the synchrotron X-ray optics modelling package J. Synchrotron Rad. (2011). 18, 708-716
[3] O. Chubar, P. Elleaume, Accurate And Efficient Computation Of Synchrotron Radiation In The Near Field Region, proc. of the EPAC98 Conference, 22-26 June 1998, 1177-1179.