mxCuBE IRC channel

Let's chat!
Added by Guijarro, Matias almost 9 years ago

Hi all,

In order to find a quick workaround to the communication
problems we have at the moment (see message in the
forum about last video conference), I just created a
Freenode IRC channel dedicated to mxCuBE.

In order to participate, start an IRC client1
connect to Freenode and join the mxCuBE chatroom
(/join mxcube).


I propose to be here every Monday at 11:00; hopefully
others will join to chat about mxCuBE and our collaboration.

Depending on the success of this IRC channel, we will
continue with it or not. Meanwhile we will study other
possibilities, e.g Skype or Google Chat.

Have a nice week-end,