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read/write compatibility in shadowvui and shadow3

Added by Sanchez del Rio, Manuel almost 12 years ago.

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Dear Xianbo,

I reproduced your calculations.

However, this happens only in Windows and does not happens if I create begin_n.dat in SHADOWVUI under linux.

I spent some time to figure out what happens, but I could not get any conclusions.

I cannot propose neither any alternative or work around by now (except installing linux in your computer) .

We will look into that and let you know.

Thanks again,


I am sorry I cannot

Shi, Xianbo wrote:

Dear Manolo,

In SHADOW3, are there any structure change in the output files (begin.dat, star.xx)? I tested that the output files directly generated by SHADOW2 can be used as inputs in SHADOW3. However, if I modify the output file in a macro, it doesn't work anymore.
For example, I generated a "begin_o.dat" file from any SHADOW version. It can be used as a source file in SHADOW3. If I simply do the following in a macro:
a = ReadSh('begin_o.dat')
putrays, a, 'begin_n.dat'

The "begin_n.dat" cannot be traced in SHADOW3 anymore. Although it can still be plotted using Plotxy and it can also be used in old SHADOW versions. See the attached two files.

I was using Shadow VUI windows version to test these.


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From: Shi, Xianbo Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2011 9:47 AM
To: 'Manuel Sanchez del Rio'
Subject: RE: shadow3 pre-beta release

Dear Manolo,

I found another bug in Shadow3. When I use the Wiggler source calculation, the number of periods cannot exceed 50. Otherwise the calculation stuck (see the attached image). Please give a look when you have time. Thank you.


begin_o.dat View (3.62 MB) Sanchez del Rio, Manuel, 14/03/2011 04:27 PM

begin_n.dat View (3.62 MB) Sanchez del Rio, Manuel, 14/03/2011 04:27 PM

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