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cannot cut and paste either with 'X' mouse button sequence
or with ctrl-c/ctrl-x/ctrl-v sequence into text fields.
interestingly ctrl-c/ctrl-v works from gui into other windows


#1 Updated by Pellegrini, Eric about 10 years ago

This problem is OS dependent as the copy/paste is OK on Windows (tested on Windows 7).

Winteracter team has been contacted for support.

#2 Updated by Pellegrini, Eric about 10 years ago

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Q. When using X/Winteracter based applications under Gnome on Linux, the usual Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V copy, cut and paste shortcuts do not seem to work in text fields and editor windows. What is happening?

A. This is caused by Gnome. X/Winteracter text fields and editor windows are built on the standard Motif XmText widget types and use standard Motif functions to perform cut, copy and paste in such widgets. Unfortunately, somewhere bteween Gnome 2.10.0 and 2.14.0, changes were made to the gnome-settings-daemon program which broke Motif's clipboard handling. For example, the problem can be observed on Gnome installations on Fedora Core 5 onwards.

Open Motif 2.3.1 solves the problem. However, at the time of writing, this relies on relatively recent C and X library versions. If you are unable to install or use Open Motif 2.3.1, other workarounds include:

Use a different desktop, such as KDE. Unfortunately, many distributions now default to installing Gnome by default instead of KDE, despite the latter being a perfectly usable environment. However, it is feasible to install both Gnome and KDE on the same system. Some graphical logins offer a choice of "session" allowing selection between the two.
Use a system running an earlier version of Gnome.
If possible try killing gnome-settings-daemon. This may not work however, since the daemon usually automatically restarts itself after a kill.
Use a remote X server (e.g. a Windows based X server) with a different window manger.

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