Bug #1457

D20: Time estimation in NoMad Spy wrong for RocCount (at least ...)

Added by Hansen, Thomas over 10 years ago.

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On top of that, the time estimation should be a little bit clearer:
1. For repetitive commands, one should best see the time to finish the current repetition AND the time to have all repetitions finished
2. For 999 repetitions, this makes no sense -- BTW, for repetitions (in counts) as well for for-loops, one should introduce a notion of "infinity" or "eternity" which is most often implemented by "999" or so. But a clearer definition would avoid confusions -- sometimes someone may actually want exactly 999 repetitions ...
3. For scans, it is as for repetitions, one would like to see the time when the current step finishes AND the time for the full scan
4. If only one time can be shown (as it is now), one should get a clear message what is shown -- and possibly choose, what is shown (in some settings)
5. If the time estimation is next day or even further, this should be told, e.g. by putting the date along with it or maybe even ONLY the date

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