Feature #1376

D20 and others: automatic parameter survey after midnight and three further options ...

Added by Hansen, Thomas over 10 years ago.

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The parameter survey should automatically extend the date range once midnight passed.

Also, one should have the possibility to save configurations not with a particular date but with a floating "today" instead.

Experiments typically change in the morning, sometimes later, but not at midnight ;-) Thus, it would be good to have the possibility to specify a starting time, at least the hour. By default it should be midnight (as it is now). This would avoid rather painful zooming every time one wants to see the full picture (but not the previous experiment).

One should also have the possibility to fix the maximum y-scale, to screen out things like sample changes where virtual temperatures far higher than physically meaningful are shown, which, again, make painful zooming necessary.

Last, not least, users suggested to me to provide optionally a floating time window, such as showing always the last 24 hours or so. Don't know whether this is easy to implement, it may have the least priority among the points aforementioned.

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