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Furnace PID - more flexibility

Added by Hansen, Thomas over 10 years ago.

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I need several little (feasible) improvements to the managing of the furnace PID (D20, WEST controller):

(1) Optionally, one should have the possibility NOT to send/overwrite PIDs and max power when setting a new setpoint, to make use of the automatic adaption of PID integrated in the WEST controller
(2) One should be able to read the current PIDs, eventually being able to put them in a variable, accessible in the launchpad (which would give capabilities like "if condition fulfilled, then take the current proportional term out of the PID, increment it by a certain value and send it back)
(3) One should be able to set change the PID set from the launchpad (goes with (2)), and not only temporarily, but in a way that this set is memorized and used for all future temperature changes until new order, currently, the situation is not clear, how the "set" command is meant to work, is it (a) changing a value definitely as from the next temperature change command, or (b) written to the furnace controller right now and overwritten by a next temperature set command or (c) will it be applied only with the next temperature set command?
(4) All this, managing PIDs and maximum power should be possible from the launchpad, as the right values may depend on the temperature range -- and they do change with the nature of the sample -- in a non-predictable way. Tables do work and do the job in many or most cases, but if you adventure yourself further away from a given standard scenario, they are too rigid.

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