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D20: Switch applying tolerance between regulation and sample in the launchpad

Added by Hansen, Thomas over 10 years ago. Updated over 10 years ago.

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SCI is always quite reluctant passing options from the "Setting" environment to the "Launchpad". I am, at the contrary, always pushing to have the maximum available in the Launchpad for programming.

Now I have another example where another available option would have let us sleep earlier (and actually not loosing 5 hours - I lost them, because I had to do things manually late night, and I was too tired to stay long enough awake afterwards to notice that the manual intervention screwed up something -- Nomad never started to count ...): There are good reasons to be able to choose between applying the tolerance to either regulation or sample in the cryostat box, as you sometimes have temperature sensors on the sample which are not good in some regions (then one would look at the regulation) but fine in others (when one would prefer looking at the sample -- which would only allow for the quite useful experiment-accelerating "fast mode"). So, please, add the option, and don't worry about the increasing complexity of the control box -- as a scientist, we are meant to deal with complex situations!

In the same context, it would be good to transfer the reading of channels A/B/C/D on the Lakeshore all the way from the "Hardware" to the "Launchpad", as, again, you may want to read one channel at one situation and another one at another one, and do not tell me that this implies anyway somebody being physically present at the keyboard and screen, situations are perfectly imaginable where you would switch this automatically. Do not wait until somebody actually needs such a thing and fails part of an experiment due to the lack of it ...


#1 Updated by Hansen, Thomas over 10 years ago

Actually, yesterday afternoon/evening, we had exactly the predicted case, that the fact that the Lakeshore channel choice A/B/C/D well-hidden in the Hardware section resulted in a sub-optimal experiment, as C and D were mixed up from a previous run, and nothing indicated this small but significant mistake in the launchpad. If, at least, the channel choice per temperature would have been visible in the controller box, we would have done the experiment in good conditions. If we have had a controller for switching the channels, we would have programmed the experiment properly as well, but as the switch needs to be done manually in a rather hidden place, it had been forgotten when the time was there. Just to tell, believe me, please, having a controller accessing the channel selection IS useful ...

#2 Updated by Hansen, Thomas over 10 years ago

Yet another reason to be able to swicht between tolerance on regulation or sample in the launchpad: It has also an influence on the fast mode operation, and one wants to control or at least know on which thermometer one is looking for this. Currently, one sets a temperature without even knowing, which thermometer is taken as reference, and that is actually very dangerous, especially when no sample thermometer is plugged in (and it DOES happen that one needs to set a temperature on an empty cryostat with the sample outside)!

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