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Conditions:Warnings - variables, values in messages and time parameters

Added by Hansen, Thomas over 10 years ago.

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To become useful, the Conditions/Warnings thing could well profit from some improvements, such as assignable global variables (like the $i and so on in the for-loops), the possibility to transmit a value (either one of the many parameters, or a variable) in the message, and the possibility to access time variables and parameters, e.g. the time in seconds since when the current condition became active/inactive, e.g. to send messages not more frequently than a certain reasonable frequence.

One concrete thing I would like to have is to get a SMS (plus email) when there is no counting for more than a certain time (say, one hour) - last night I lost five hours because the cryostat's sample temperature never got to the set point (yes, true, a time-out would have been the right thing, but ... mistakes happen after midnight ...), with a simple SMS of that kind I would have reacted earlier.

I consider it important to improve this very soon, otherwise these very interesting new tools will stay forgotten in the drawer. These conditions could make really the difference to what we had before (and eventually make a certain group change its mind ;-), please help to make us use them!

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