Get the project fast azimuthal integration

User documentation

Currently the Fast azimuthal integration is composed of 3 parts:
  • SPD which is a large piece of C-code dealing with image corrections and azimuthal integration, mainly written by Peter Boesecke and Rainer Wilcke
  • Execution tests written in python to ensure the equivalence of the results obtained after integration by different software like FIT2D, SPD or XOP, this is written in python.
  • pyFAI which is a python library that tries to be both compatible with SPD and Fit2d

To get a copy of the working directory, use subversion to check out the project.
svn co
You can of course use the SVN client integrated in your development environment like Eclipse to do that.

To compile spd, go to it's directory
cd azimuthal
cd spd
./configure --prefix=$HOME
make install

To make a debian/ubuntu package and install it:
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
dpkg -i ../spd*.deb

To install the pyFAI programs, please use the tools in the top-level of the sub-project or the build-msi.bat under windows or the under debian/ubuntu