Re: Using ray-tracing for KB mirror performance

Added by Sanchez del Rio, Manuel almost 11 years ago

Dear Jun,

you can find an example of the KB system in the example 16 of the XOP tutorial (, and the file with errors (or your actual profile) should be defined as explained in example 20. See files in:

I have some macros that converts different file formats from metrology profiles, to the SHADOW format. Just send me one of your ellipses, and let me know the ideal parameters (focal diatances and incident angle), and I can prepare a workspace for you.

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On 04/30/2012 09:00 PM, Jun Qian wrote:


This is Jun Qian. I have been in metrology lab of the APS for over 10 years.

In the days I'm learning to use the Shadow for understanding performance of the profile-coated elliptical KB mirror fabricated in our group.(parameters of the designed ellipse: S1=64m, S2=0.13m and Theta=3mrad, length of the mirror: 80mm)

So I'm really a beginner for the software.

The first purpose for me right now is:

Input data file of a designed ideal ellipse or the height error profile of the measured surface profile vs. the ideal ellipse to the software and calculate the focus spot and know its behavior in the KB focusing.

Could you please give me an example for entering a source?
Could you please let me know how I load the data file to the software? ( The data is an ascii two columns (X, Y)file. Can I have a 2D matrix file?)

Thank you very much for your help.